I situate my work in the field of Game Design, to investigate how existing problems can be solved through the design of new gameful experiences that bring together research from multiple disciplines. My research objectives support RMIT’s goals both of being a leading University of Technology and Design, and of addressing real-world problems. Leading edge gaming technology such as mobile touch screen devices (iPad), motion tracking input devices (Microsoft Kinect) and stereoscopic output devices (Oculus Rift) play an important role in the design of game prototypes. Game technology improves at a rapid rate. Rapid advancements in the field mean that conferences are more important than journals.


2016 Lightspee3D User Interface Design

LIGHTSPEE3D, from SPEE3D (, is a revolutionary high speed, 3D metal printer capable of printing complex metal objects by firing ...
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2016 In Space In Space is a multiplayer game experience for up to 4 players. Inspired by the game ‘Asteroids’ each player ...
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2016 Domelab

RMIT University presented the Design and Play exhibition form 29 April 2016 - 14 May 2016 at the RMIT Design ...
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2016 Grand Prix F1 Car VR Experience We showcased a Virtual Formula 1 Car Exhibit at 2016 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne in the RMIT ...
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2015 Out Of Space

Out of Space is a playable abstract audiovisual virtual environment that was designed and programmed by Adam Nash, using the ...
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2015 New Academic Street VR Visualisation

RMIT’s New Academic Street is a large scale refurbishment plan across several city campus buildings at RMIT University in Melbourne ...
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2015 Pureland Unwired

The Mogao Grottoes located in Gansu Province, Northwestern China consists of 492 cells and cave sanctuaries carved into the cliffs ...
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2014 SpaceWalk

If we want people to act and react in a virtual world as in the real world, it is sensible ...
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2013 Trouble Tower Game Download PC Version (approx 40 MB download): Click link to Download OSX Version (approx 40 MB download): Click ...
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2012 VROOM Tennis

The game was designed for up to eight players, one player for each screen of the Virtual Room at RMIT ...
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