PhD Publications

  • Greuter, S 2008, Undiscovered worlds, real-time procedural generation of virtual three-dimensional spaces, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Creative Media, RMIT University.
  • Stefan Greuter, Nigel Stewart, Geoff Leach, 2007, Procedural Urban Streets in Real-time, – CASA 2007 – 20th International Conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents in Hasselt, Belgium
  • Stefan Greuter, Nigel Stewart, Geoff Leach, 2004, Beyond the Horizon – Computer generated, three-dimensional, infinite virtual worlds without repetition in real-time – Image Text and Sound Conference 2004
  • Stefan Greuter, Jeremy Parker, Nigel Stewart, Geoff Leach, 2004, Undiscovered Worlds – Towards a real-time procedural world generation framework – melbourneDAC – 5th International Digital Arts and Culture Conference in Melbourne, Australia
  • Greuter, S, Parker, J, Stewart, N and Leach, G 2003, ‘Real-time procedural generation of ‘pseudo infinite’ cities‘, in Proceedings of the First International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Australasia and South East Asia, Melbourne, 11-14 February 2003.

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