2015 Out Of Space


Out of Space is a playable abstract audiovisual virtual environment that was designed and programmed by Adam Nash, using the Spacewalk system developed by Stefan Greuter. Immersed in an infinitely self-producing virtual space made of nothing but colour and sound, the visitor plays, flying and falling, creating little melodies and rhythms of sound and colour. Out of space, out of thin air, out of nothing, music and memories are made with virtual visions and vibrations. Art now is for play, for playing with, for playing. Spacewalk, designed by Stefan Greuter, is a low cost experimental platform that enables participants to experience full-body immersion in virtual reality. The platform combines a commodity Head Mounted Display, with a depth based camera capturing movement of body and limbs within the space and makes Virtual Reality in small environments such as people’s homes compelling, easy to setup and use.

Out of Space was exhibited at the Everything is Data exhibition at NTU University in Singapore from 14th of August – 26th of September 2015 at NTU ADM Gallery 2

Project Team
Adam Nash – Project Lead, Environment Design, Sound Design
Stefan Greuter – Spacewalk Design and Technical Design

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